Can you tell I'm excited about studying for finals?
 Rainy days with friends.
 Reacquainting with an old friend. Writing my feelings is an obsession.
 A psychic told my mom the other day that my life path numbers are "in line with the angels" unlike anyone she'd ever seen before. I know some of that stuff can be hokey, but I found that pretty freaking cool! What does it all meeeean? (PC @deidhra) ✨
 So we're dog-sitting an 8 week old labradoodle and my brother puts "Relaxing Songs For Dogs" music on his laptop. That babe was out like a light.
 Sometimes reflections don't reflect reality, but what our eye is telling us to see. ✨
 And the next YouTube cover is...? #ComingSoon.
 Lost in the flowers.
 My mom is cute sometimes.


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