The bestie finally gets to come to a gig of mine and I'm so happy about it. We're aesthetic af. Come join us at the @companypub from 8-10pm, debuting original music off my debut EP for the first time!
 Finally got a Disney trip in with @melbelle24601! This is Oswald the Rabbit by the way, predecessor of Mickey Mouse! ✨
 So this may or may not be the final track listing for my debut EP...but is it the order? Who knows  #Exhale
 Stepping into who I want to be. #Exhale
 All that glitters is sometimes really freaking cool.
 Kids are kinda my favorite, honestly.
 Hanging out with my new friend! We got to give this guy a full body bath. I can now say I've washed an elephant!
 Rolling with that vacation swag. Just kayaked and got about two feet away from wild sea otters. Music Monday will return next week, this week is a nature week!
 So this happened. @imaginedragons


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