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  • I Believe In Me” is a stirring pop ballad which has a positive, uplifting theme about self-empowerment. The song starts out with just a piano intro, and then gradually builds energy and emotion, leading to a powerful chorus that features Mercer’s passionate lead vocals and a gospel choir.

    "She seems to be well rounded. She's done a lot. I love her music video "Looking Glass". I love what she's about. She's been touring all over the country promoting her Anti-bulling campaign, which is commendable. It's as if she was a victim herself, so she seems to take this personal and really wants to help change these kids before they enter junior high, where all the bullying usually happens." 

    - Mikey Jayy, Artists In Music Awards

    Torrey Mercer Wins best pop song 2013
    - Mikey Jayy, Artists In Music Awards

    "I love Torrey's range in her music and I can tell her voice can do amazing things. I cannot wait to see her success. She has the "it" sound right now."

    - Lauren York, Out of The Woodwork Music Competition 

    -Lauren York, Out of the Woodwork Music Competition
  • Amazing job at our school today!!!! U couldn't belive how much u changed our school in jus one day!!! Everybody at our school agrees that ur the best!!!!
    no bully card
    Jared Mitchley
  • Today you went to my school ! I was in the front row , You sang amazing and thank you for coming it was wonderful having you at my school and your story just inspired me to follow my dreams .(: P.s.  I loved the songs you sang , im going to keep listening to your music Once again thank you soooooo much!!!  It honestly meant so much for our school (:
    daisy ortega
  • "It is an honor that [Torrey] came to this school. Since [she] came [she] made me feel better. I think one of these days I will try to stop bullying. As soon as [she] came and sang [she] made me feel brave. God bless you and I will never forget you. Last year people made fun of me and would call me red head and stupid and also 8th and 9th graders would curse at me and make fun of me. [Torrey] made me feel like I can end that."
    - Matthew Harris, 4th Grade
  • "[Torrey] really reached out to all of us. It was hard not to cry, when we left I broke down in tears. [She's] inspired me & everyone else at my school. [The Looking Glass Music Video] explains my life exactly, so I could relate perfectly. [She] has an amazing voice, and will be big... When [she] becomes famous I can say 'Yeah, I did meet this brave woman, she inspired me to see the good in everyone.' Thank you."
    - Julia Michelle, Middle School Student
  • "Thank you for coming to our school today!! We all appreciate it so much. You are my inspiration, you and Demi Lovato, both of you have gone through bullying and overcame it. Your voice is amazing and I bought Looking Glass right when I got home. You inspired me to really come out of my shell and really show the world my voice."
    - Alyssa Gutierrez, 8th Grade
  • Award-winning singer Torrey Mercer sang Monday about the dangers of bullying and how to stop it at assemblies for more than 500 kindergarten through eighth-grade students at Joshua Cowell Elementary School in Manteca. Mercer, 20, was a victim of bullying at an early age, and she is passionate about the cause, wanting to use her music to reach out to others and to help make a statement about the truths of bullying. She was invited to the school by the parents of Blake Coronado, a Cowell student who was bullied last year at the school. "Her message is so powerful, it's actually given my son a new confidence," said Renee Coronado. "If she could just reach one person, it would be awesome. It's a blessing to have her here."
  • And just like that...the day is gone. However, many memories are stapled to my heart. It was so wonderful to meet our friend Torrey Mercer. We were sad to see her go but thankful that we got to see her off to her flight. Today was nothing short of an amazing miracle. The changes we saw and the stories we heard will forever make a difference. I am going to sleep with a happy heart tonight! — with Torrey Mercer and Blake Coronado.


  • Indie Channel Music Award in 2013 for “Best Pop Song” – Looking Glass

  • Inspirational Artist of the Year” from the 2014 Artists in Music Awards

  • Best Teen Artist“ from the 2014 Artists in Music Awards



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