But mooooom....I don't want to take a picture.
 Forever in awe that this is my backyard view.
 This is what makes us girls.
 Working on some epic projects. You'll all hear about them soon ✌️
 Couldn't make Mothers Day brunch this year so the family sends this. Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful grandma, and Happy Mothers Day and birthday to my mom, and all the moms out there!
 So @thepledgetour may or may not be making its boothing debut today! You'll be seeing a lot more of that hand symbol places
 About to take what could quite possibly be the last midterm of my undergraduate career. Let's do this.
 I hope you all are having as beautiful of a day as you are!
 I've been feeling an exhale coming on more and more lately. Counting the days until the end of college, and the beginning of everything!
 Having one of those days where my purpose in life just radiates out of me. So grateful for the meetings I've been in throughout this weekend and for what is to come. This is the beginning of so much that I've dreamed about since I was little. I'm ready! ❤️


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