Had such a blast performing at the Del Mar Fair yesterday! Such an amazing crowd. Grateful to all who came out and to new faces who saw the show!
 Had a blast out in Poway last night rocking out with the band. Grateful for those who came out last night for the show! ✌️ Another is coming your way this Tuesday at the Del Mar Fair!
 Not everyone gets blessed with a dad as amazing as mine, and I'm aware of that blessing all the time. I'm a daddy's girl to the core, and I'm thankful every single day to have such an amazing, hard working, kind, and loving dad actively in my life. His support over the years is everything to me, and will forever continue to be. And he's a best friend. I love you, daddy. Happy Father's Day. Thank you for being my light. ❤️
 Had a blast last night rocking it out with the band. Thanks to all who came out, it was awesome playing for you! ❤️
 Can't believe this day is finally here. Ready to take on the world!!!
 @thepledgetour has officially launched its @indiegogo campaign for gaining the support it needs to really become a reality. I have seen lives changed by assemblies that we have put on together, and really, any contribution you all have, big or small, can contribute to that change becoming reality for thousands of students state wide, and nation wide. Visit facebook.com/thepledgetour for details on how to donate! ❤️
 With graduation so close, this is definitely an exciting and happy time...but with that came something that was a bit harder. Today we had to put down our older doggie, Hunter. We've had him since I was in first grade and now he's passed on two days before I graduate college. He was such a strong, happy dog and lived a long life. We will really miss him. ❤️
 It's getting real, guys.
 My serious game face to help me get through this week. SO close to a whole new beginning.
 Last day of classes in my undergraduate career. I can feel the change in the air, and I'm ready for it. It's been real, UCI. ✌️


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