Torrey Mercer is more than just a music artist. She is a survivor, an activist, and her music has been a light in the dark for many.

Torrey is award-winning LA-based recording artist and songwriter from San Diego. She brings bold charisma to the stage through her jazzy-pop vocals and inspiring lyrics. Being trained in pop, jazz, rock, blues, and Broadway in her youth has guided Torrey to become the vocalist and songwriter she is today. With influences from a wide range of artists from Dua Lipa to Fall Out Boy, Torrey's performances exude sheer power, layered with thoughtful lyrics on her experiences with bullying, low self esteem, body image, and relationships.

Torrey's love for music emerged early on in her life, when she was 9 she got involved in musical theater, hoping to find her place in the world. She was bullied and excluded throughout her childhood, and this continued through the end of high school. Feeling like an outcast growing up has made made empathy and compassion for others a defining quality of her music endeavors.

Torrey went on her first National Music Tour with the "No Bully Tour" in 2011 at 17, visiting 15 different east coast cities, and 7-8 west coast cities. Her first single "Looking Glass", won the Indie Music Channel Award for "Best Pop Song" in 2013, and was nominated for numerous other awards. "Looking Glass" was also featured on the popular YouTube series, "The Most Popular Girls in School" (850,000+ channel subscribers). In 2014, she was named "Best Teen Artist" and "Inspirational Artist of the Year" by the Artists in Music Awards.

In addition to her music feats, Torrey became a motivational speaker and performer at K-12 schools in 2013, where she's spoken on the subjects of bullying, kindness, and character development. Torrey has impacted thousands of students with her program in the state of California, and has spoken at over 15 California distinguished schools. Her individual success led to the founding of her own company, "The Pledge Tour," an assembly program challenging kids and teenagers to take a "pledge" for self improvement. In 2015, she was awarded the "Peacekeeper of the Year" award for her antibullying efforts by the Encinitas Rotary, becoming the youngest recipient of this award in the rotary's history. For more information on The Pledge Tour, and Torrey's speaking engagements, visit

In early 2016, Torrey independently released her debut EP, Exhale, which reflects on her past, and her personal growth over the last four years. The EP, produced by Tario Holmes (Flo Rida, Melanie Fiona, Big Time Rush, Chris Brown) and co-written with Lena Leon (Christina Grimmie, Coco Jones), was received well by her fans and the press, earning a premiere on, as well as a San Diego release party. 

Torrey is currently beginning the recording and demo process for her next EP. More information about this project will be announced soon.